About Me

About Me

Rach Idowu ·
Hi ADHDers!

Many of you may already know me from Twitter, Instagram, or my Adulting with ADHD newsletter.

I was diagnosed with ADHD Combined Type in January 2020. Shortly after, the U.K. went into lockdown, and the ADHD clinic cancelled my monthly appointments.

I had no other adults to talk to about my new ADHD diagnosis, so I used Twitter and my newsletter to connect with other ADHDers. I wanted whoever read y newsletter posts to feel like they had an online friend with ADHD because I didn't have any at the time.

Since then, I have been featured in the N.Y. Times and Mashable. I've spoken about ADHD as a panelist for MCM Comic Con London and ADHD Awareness events run by Facebook, Ubisoft, Neurodiversity in the Workplace, and the National Center for Learning Disabilities.

I struggled to respond to all of the questions I received via D.M.s, emails, and discord, so I started to think about how I could provide all of the information in one place. Then ADHD Traits cards were born! I started designing and writing the cards in summer 2021. I'm so glad that I'm about to help even more ADHDers receive their ADHD diagnosis and positively impact people's lives by these card decks.