Pricing and Order update

Pricing and Order update

Rach Idowu ·

Hi Friends!

Happy New Year!

Here's a quick update on where things are±

The first batch of cards should be with people by the end of January/early February. I’ll be posting videos of the whole packing and shipping process across social channels so that you are updated along the way.

***The images on the website are of the samples I have. Any design flaws and spelling errors have been corrected, thanks to Grammarly!***

I listened to feedback from the community and I have made a few changes:

  • Price reduction - I looked up a few couriers and managed to find a cheaper courier than I originally estimated. So the pricing has decreased slightly and shipping is still included in the price. With the exception of Australia and New Zealand due to distance.

  • Deck Bundle - A few people asked whether I could offer a separate bundle for both ADHD inattentive and ADHD hyperactive decks, as they wanted to purchase both. So I’ve made this change and it works out slightly cheaper than buying both decks separately.

Thanks to so many of you who have already ordered! If you want to get in on this deal and you have already purchased decks, shoot me an email ( and we’ll work something out.

I’m so excited for you all to have it! I’m thinking about creating some form of community on Twitter or Facebook for people to connect with others to discuss the cards, their own personal experiences, and to learn/grow with one another as we navigate life as ADHDers!